Day 1 ~ Cervantes / The Pinnacles

And so it begins…our Epic Western Australian Summer Road Trip! We began today with a cruisy 4.5 hour flight from Sydney. Upon our arrival in a very hot and dry Perth, we picked up our trusty hire car – a Toyota Corolla – from Bayswater Car Rental (who, by the way, were very easy to deal with), went to Coles to stock up on some essentials and then hit the road, headed for Cervantes.

First stop, 1.5 hours north to Lancelin! We were told by a local to visit this small beachy town and go for a ride on a sandboard down some of the monster sand dunes they have there. While we didn’t get the time to sandboard, we did have a poke around the small town and we finally got our first glimpse of the white sand and the beautiful blue Indian Ocean from a little lookout. Apart from a few local shops and the tourist-filled sand dunes, there wasn’t much to see in town, so after half an hour, we were back on the road.

We continued north for another 50 minutes where we arrived at our destination – Cervantes. We checked in to the beautiful Windbreak B&B, where we had booked to stay the night. Our host, Lynne, was an absolutely lovely lady that took extra special care of us. Our room here was clean, comfortable and spacious.

We were told by Lynne to book in for dinner at Cervantes Bar and Bistro, one of the very few eating options in town. We did just that and headed along late in the afternoon for dinner. We ordered the cob loaf to start, fish & chips for Tim’s main and half a crayfish for Teone. They were huge meals but fresh and delicious!

Teone’s delicious Crayfish from Cervantes Bar & Bistro

From dinner we drove about 15 minutes back out of town to Nambung National Park to see the amazing Pinnacles! The moment you drive into the park, you feel like you’re on another planet, with thousands of limestone pinnacles surrounding you – some of them well taller and wider than you. We managed to see a Kangaroo in amongst the pinnacles, who had eerie white eyes. We later found out that he was probably blind as he kept running into the giant rocks.

Pinnacles (1 of 45).jpg
Late afternoon light hitting the Pinnacles desert
Pinnacles (8 of 45).jpg
The token jump photo we do at famous landmarks
Pinnacles (22 of 45).jpg
The blind kangaroo
Pinnacles (16 of 45).jpg
Teone very excited by our first sightseeing adventure on the West Coast

After the sun had set, we stuck around for another hour to take some photos of the stars, before heading back to our B&B for a good night’s rest.

Pinnacles (26 of 45).jpg
Star gazing is superb at The Pinnacles


  • Distance Travelled: 228km (Perth >> Lancelin >> Cervantes)

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