Day 5 ~ Perth

This morning we were up at some ungodly hour as Tim wanted to see the sunrise over the City from Kings Park. While it was painful getting out of bed before dawn, it was a beautiful spot to see a Western Australian sunrise. It’s easy to see why so many people flock to this beautiful big park as it gives off magnificent views across the Swan River and over to the City.

Kings Park (2 of 7).jpg
Sunrise over Perth City from Kings Park

After sunrise, we had a quick nap before venturing down to Cottesloe Beach. The water was chilly, but very refreshing on a 36-degree day!

Cottesloe Beach (1 of 5).jpg
Cottesloe Beach
Cottesloe Beach (3 of 5).jpg
Cottesloe Beach

After lounging around at the beach, we headed back to the City and decided to do a spot of shopping at the Watertown outlets. They had some excellent bargains, but we had to limit what we bought due to our baggage weight limit for the flight home! Boooo!

That evening, we booked in for a fancy dinner at the revolving C Restaurant – which is on the 33rd floor of the St. Martins Tower! The food here was absolutely gorgeous! We started with complimentary pea panna cotta with deep fried goats cheese and a fried parmesan crisp. Teone had the gnocchi entree and the pork and stone fruit main. Tim had the crab roulade entree and the Barra main – Teone won! We shared the caramelised chocolate mousse for dessert, which was stunning! The 360 degree views, as the restaurant rotated, were outstanding – especially with one of the most colourful sunsets we had ever seen turning it on throughout the evening. We can highly recommend this restaurant.

A spectacular sunset from the revolving C-Restaurant

From dinner, we crossed the Swan River and headed to South Perth to take in some stunning panoramic views of the City skyline by night.

Perth City Skyline (1 of 4).jpg
Perth’s city skyline

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