Day 6 ~ Cape Leeuwin / Margaret River / Busselton / Dunsborough

After a few days in Perth, it was time to move on, so we were up early again to head south to the Margaret River region.

It was a pleasant few hours driving south, all the way to the most southwesterly point of Australia – Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. It is where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. To get in and have a close up view of the lighthouse, there was an $8/adult entry fee. Deciding that was a rip off, we just hung around outside the fence and took some photos from a distance. It was just as good.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse (2 of 6).jpg
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse – the most southwesterly point of Australia

After we got a few photos of the lighthouse, we turned around and headed 40 minutes north, back into the Margaret River township for lunch at Morries Anytime. It was so delicious! Scallops, haloumi, pork belly and a beef burger filled us up nicely. Tim tried the Bootleg Brewery beers, but they were rotten, so we avoided them for the rest of the trip. We had a quick walk through town, but there wasn’t much there, so decided it was time to hit the first of the wineries!

Vasse Felix was one of the superstar vineyards that we came across. Teone ended up buying a whole carton of wine from here! The winery also had some stunning views as well as a beautiful cellar door.

Margaret River Region (3 of 18).jpg
Wine tasting at Vasse Felix

The best was yet to come though – by chance, we stumbled across Amelia Park Wines. At first, we had only dropped in here to get a photo next to the sign to show our friend, Amelia, and decided that we’d pop in for a quick look around while we were there. And boy, were we glad we did – it was like nothing we’d ever seen before! The entrance to the cellar door was a huge cellar, that was dimly lit and had massive wine barrels lining the walls. As we approached the other end of the cellar, doors automatically opened to reveal ceiling-to-floor glass windows that overlooked the entire vineyard. The views left us speechless! Teone fell in love with their wines as well and bought herself another few bottles.

Amelia Park.jpg
The stunning Amelia Park cellar door

Clairault | Streicker Wines didn’t live up to the high standards that Vasse Felix and Amelia Park had set, but they were still ok.

Once Teone had drunk most of the Margaret River region dry, we drove through to Dunsborough and checked into our accommodation for the next 2 nights at Dunsborough Central Motel.

We then ordered delicious wood-fired pizza from Hodge Podge and drove 25 minutes up the road to Busselton Jetty for a beautiful sunset. For those playing at home, Busselton Jetty stretches almost 2km out to sea and is the longest wooden jetty in the world. It is also the longest wooden structure in the southern hemisphere.

Busselton Jetty (1 of 1)
Busselton Jetty sunset

That night, our motel room had a power outage as well as being full of very hungry mosquitos! Tim spent a good few hours just whacking mozzies with the help from the torch on his phone. It was not a pleasant stay at all in a fairly run-down old motel. Don’t believe the photos you see online! We’d recommend you stay elsewhere.


  • Distances Travelled:
    • 326km (Perth >> Cape Leeuwin)
    • 100km (Cape Leeuwin >> Dunsborough)
    • 52km (Dunsborough >> Busselton Jetty >> Dunsborough)

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