Day 7 ~ Eagle Bay / Cape Naturaliste / Margaret River / Canal Rocks

This morning we headed off early to Meelup Beach – considered the most beautiful beach in the Margaret River region. Unfortunately, the winds were up early and they were blowing onshore, so Meelup looked quite unattractive. We kept driving towards the tip of Cape Naturaliste where a little lighthouse stands. We jumped out for a quick look, but jumped straight back in the car when we saw a sign about dangerous black snakes had been sighted in the area. We didn’t want to take the risk of walking through long grass just to see a little lighthouse.

We drove down the road and had a look at the spectacular Sugarloaf Rock formation – and even saw a pod of dolphins swimming nearby. After a few photos here, we wound our way back to Eagle Bay and found a little cove all to ourselves. It was protected from the winds and looked stunning under the clear blue skies. We lay around in the sun for quite a while, and only ventured into the freezing water up to our knees. It was still too cold to get ourselves completely wet. Once a few more tourists rocked up, we decided it was time to leave our little slice of paradise – and lucky for us, we left at the right time! A huge black snake slithered its way across the beach just as we were leaving, so we were glad to be on our way.

Eagle Bay (2 of 7).jpg
A little slice of paradise at Eagle Bay

Our next stop was a few more vineyards for Teone to continue her wine-tasting journey through the Margaret River region. While many of the wineries were shut today, we did find ourselves a couple of nice ones in Black Brewing Co. (formerly Sampson and Bowen) and Voyager Estate. These 2 wineries must have had millions of dollars pumped into their properties, as they were spectacular. They were very ritzy cellar doors and had a lot of gourmet food and drinks on offer.

Margaret River Region (9 of 18).jpg
Black Brewing Co. – formerly known as Sampson & Bowen
Margaret River Region (14 of 18).jpg
Voyager Estate Cellar Door

We dropped into the Cheeky Monkey Brewery today as well, but didn’t rate this place. It was over-crowded and the beer was very ordinary. We only spent a short while here before moving on.

Margaret River Region (10 of 18).jpg
Cheeky Monkey Brewery

In the evening, we headed to Canal Rocks, which sits just down the road from Yallingup. It was a fantastic choice of location for sunset! The rocks are basically a formation where it looks like a canal runs through the middle of them out to sea. They’re quite jagged and very impressive to look at as the sun sets behind them.

Canal Rocks (1 of 4).jpg
Canal Rocks at sunset

For dinner, we knew our options were extremely limited, so Tim decided to treat Teone with some Chicken Treat. It’s a very dodgy takeaway store, only found in Western Australia. We had some chicken burgers and loaded fries, both of which weren’t overly tasty. After our feed, we headed back to the motel and called it a day.


  • Distances Travelled:
    • 12km (Dunsborough >> Cape Naturaliste)
    • 65km (Cape Naturaliste >> Margaret River)
    • 45km (Margaret River >> Canal Rocks)
    • 15km (Canal Rocks >> Dunsborough)

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