Day 9 ~ Pemberton / Denmark

With a solid day of driving ahead, we grabbed ourselves a delicious breakfast each in Dunsborough and make tracks towards our first stop near Pemberton. We were told to go and climb the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree – the highest fire-lookout tree in the world at 68m. These days, it’s a fairly risky tourist attraction, and while we opted out of climbing 165 pegs to the top, we did see a few people head up it. It was ridiculously high and if you fell, there was nothing to save you from falling all the way back to the bottom.

Pemberton (1 of 4).jpg
The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

Our next stop was the Gloucester Tree – similar to the Dave Evans tree, but slightly shorter. Again, you can climb the 58m to the top for an impressive view, but with no safety barrier, we gave it a miss. Lots of people were climbing up there though.

Pemberton (2 of 4).jpg
One of the enormous Karri Trees near Pemberton

After a quick feed at a dodgy Asian cafe in Pemberton, we kept driving south, bound for William Bay National Park – home of Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks. When we arrived at Greens Pool, we were greeted by a spectacular sight – calm turquoise waters that were protected from the might of the Southern Ocean by huge granite boulders.

Greens Pool (11 of 16).jpg
Greens Pool

It was a very warm day, so it was quite busy here, but we found a place to pull up stumps on the side of a big rock and we spent a bit of time exploring the area. The water here was even colder than what we had felt on the west coast, where it actually stung to touch the water, so again, we only got wet up to our knees.

After exploring Greens Pool for a few hours, we headed around the corner to Elephant Rocks, where we were engulfed by the worst flies we had seen all trip! Thankfully, we had our fly nets handy and wore them down to the beach. We had a brief look around this pretty area at the huge rocks that somewhat resembled elephants, and then headed on our way to Denmark.

Elephant Rocks (1 of 5).jpg
Elephant Rocks
Elephant Rocks (5 of 5).jpg
Elephant Rocks

In Denmark, we checked in to some dodgy pub/motel accommodation at the Denmark Hotel – it was basic, but would do the job for just one night. It was also all that was available at the time of booking. We had a drive around town, but didn’t see too much. The beaches stunk and there was very little to do.

Denmark Views (1 of 1).jpg
Denmark views

We stopped off at the Denmark Tavern for dinner and drinks, watched some cricket on the TV and then headed back to the motel for an early night.


  • Distances Travelled:
    • 171km (Yallingup >> Pemberton)
    • 175km (Pemberton >> Greens Pool)
    • 20km (Greens Pool >> Denmark)

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