Day 10 ~ Stirling Range

This morning we said our farewells to Denmark and drove a couple of hours inland to the Stirling Range National Park. After driving through completely flat country for most of this trip, it is a majestic sight when the Stirling Range appears on the horizon – huge mountains popping up out of nowhere. It was in this National Park that we found Bluff Knoll – the highest of the peaks in this area at 1095m above sea level.

Stirling Ranges (6 of 6).jpg
The Stirling Range appears on the horizon

We had researched this mountain quite a bit and so many people online had talked about the amazing views from the top – so it was only natural that we threw on the hiking boots and ventured up to see what the fuss was all about! It wasn’t a hard walk by any means, but it was consistently uphill with big, rocky stairs to climb – so it was a decent calf-burner. It was a 3km hike to the top, which took us about 1.5 hours to do. The 360-degree views of the surrounding area were magnificent! We stayed at the summit for quite a while, snapping away photos, catching our breath and taking in the awe-inspiring views.

Bluff Knoll (28 of 50).jpg
The summit of Bluff Knoll

After at least half an hour on top of the mountain, we began to get a little peckish, so once we’d had enough of posing in front of the camera, we headed back down the mountain and drove to Mount Barker for lunch.

Bluff Knoll (46 of 50).jpg
Leaving the summit of Bluff Knoll

Mount Barker is a well-equipped country town that’s only an hour from the Stirling Range. We do love ourselves a good country bakery, so when we saw the Mount Barker Country Bakery on the drive into town, we couldn’t help but stop in and grab a feed. And WOW – what a feed it was! The pies and pastries that we stuffed our faces with were next level awesomeness! We can see now why this bakery has won so many awards!

After rolling our fat arses out of the bakery, we dropped in to the supermarket to stock up on some groceries and then headed to our accommodation for the next 2 nights at Cloud Nine Spa Chalets.

Stirling Ranges Chalet (7 of 21).jpg
Our awesome little chalet in the bush

The chalet was absolutely stunning – situated on a rural property in the Porongurup region. We were very isolated, so had the whole area to ourselves – apart from the kangaroos and stack of bird life that came to visit us each afternoon. The chalet was spacious, had a sweet front deck with breathtaking views over the countryside, a spa bath, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, and every other little thing you could ever need to make this your home away from home.

BeFunky Collage
Some of the wildlife that visited us at the chalet

That evening, our mate Riff came to visit. We cooked up a feast, had some drinks, watched the cricket, talked shit for a few hours and had a cracking nights sleep.


  • Distances Travelled:
    • 140km (Denmark >> Bluff Knoll)
    • 85km (Bluff Knoll >> Mount Barker)
    • 32km (Mount Barker >> Porongurup)

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