Day 11 ~ Porongurup National Park / Albany

We had a good little sleep in this morning, followed by a delicious BBQ brekky on the front deck. Before sending Riff on his way, we managed to talk him into coming with us to do the Granite Sky Walk hike at Porongurup National Park.

This hike was only short – about an hour to get to the top, but it really had us sucking in the big ones. I’ll blame the hot weather, the beers and enormous amount of food we ate from the night before. it wasn’t a tough hike by any means, but it did get the heart racing and the calves burning. At the top of this walk is a very cool “skywalk” that is basically a balcony that loops around the rock at the top of the mountain. There are spectacular views of the park and across farmland to Albany on the south coast, with views to Mount Gardner and Mount Manypeaks to the south-east.

Porongurup National Park (14 of 15).jpg
Rocks formations in the Porongurup National Park

After our hike, we sent Riff on his way and we headed into Albany for a look around. It was a fairly boring town with very little going on.

Albany (2 of 2).jpg

We did go to Torndirrup National Park, which was just down the road, to check out the Natural Bridge – a granite rock formation that looks just like a bridge. It was hollowed out by the powerful Great Southern Ocean and was pretty impressive to see. They were in the process of building a lookout while we were there, which looks like it’ll offer even better views in future.

Natural Bridge (1 of 3).jpg
Natural Bridge in the Torndirrup National Park

For lunch, we went to the Vancouver Street Cafe – it was ok, but nothing spectacular. Afterwards, we drove around Albany for a short while and checked out a very wind-blown beach briefly. We stopped by the hilarious Dog Rock on the way out of town (a must-see) and drove back to our chalet.

Dog Rock (1 of 1).jpg
Dog Rock

That arvo,  we kicked back on the balcony and got stuck into some of the delicious cheese and wine we had bought on the trip so far. We were treated to a spectacular sunset, followed up by a ripping summer storm that went on for hours. It was fantastic watching the lightning roll in from a distance. We also enjoyed a spa that night as the storm was hitting – bliss!

Stirling Ranges Chalet (5 of 21).jpg
Sunset at our front door
Stirling Ranges Chalet (13 of 21).jpg
Summer storm rolling in
Stirling Ranges Chalet (19 of 21).jpg
Watching the awesome light show from our front deck


  • Distances Travelled:
    • 13km (Porongurup >> Granite Skywalk)
    • 49km (Granite Skywalk >> Albany)
    • 18km (Albany >> Torndirrup National Park)
    • 58km (Torndirrup National Park >> Porongurup)

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