Day 13 ~ Esperance / Cape Le Grand National Park

We were woken by another early alarm clock this morning as we wanted one last look at Wave Rock before we left town. By the time we arrived, the sun had been up for about an hour, yet we were still the only ones there. After snapping off a couple of photos, we jumped back in the car and we were on the road heading south – en route to Esperance!

Today’s drive was another tedious 4 hour mission with absolutely nothing to look at out the windows again. Upon arrival in Esperance, we were happy to see the town was quite big with plenty going on. We stopped in at the Esperance French Hot Bread bakery on the main drag for a bit of lunch and then went and checked in to our stunning accommodation at Esperance Island View Apartments.

This apartment was probably the best on our trip – situated right across from the water, we had excellent views through the ceiling-to-floor glass windows. The apartment was close to the centre of town, and was spacious with beautiful décor and modern appliances.

Once we had unpacked, we drove about an hour east to Cape Le Grand National Park. It was here that we would pay a visit Australia’s whitest beach – Lucky Bay. Even though it was getting a little cloudy when we arrived, the fine white sand was glowing and the beautiful clear waters were extremely inviting. We pulled up a spot on a pretty much empty beach, where we sunbaked and swam for a couple of hours. For some reason, the water was a lot warmer here than anywhere else on the trip, so it was quite pleasant having a swim.

Lucky Bay (17 of 65).jpg
Sunbaking at Lucky Bay – Australia’s whitest beach

On our way back up the beach, we met a few of the local kangaroos who had the same idea as us and were sunbaking on the sand as well. They were quite tame and had gotten to know the tourist behaviour very well. As soon as I opened a packet of chips, a couple of kangaroos sprung to life and came over to hassle me for my food. As a rule of thumb, you never feed the local wildlife, but I could tell these guys had been fed quite a bit in the past by tourists. After Teone took a few selfies with the roos, we headed back to the car and drove back to Esperance.

Lucky Bay (50 of 65).jpg
Teone interrupting this kangaroo’s sunbaking so she can get a selfie with it

Upon arrival back in Esperance, we dropped into The Pier Hotel on The Esplanade for a quick drink. We had a quick shop at the local supermarket for dinner ingredients and had a quiet night in watching TV.


  • Distances Travelled:
    • 383km (Hyden >> Esperance)
    • 125km (Esperance >> Lucky Bay >> Esperance)

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