Day 14 ~ Esperance / Cape Le Grand National Park

We gave ourselves a bit of a sleep in this morning as all that we had on the calendar was to have a cruisy day by the beach today. Once we were up, we drove back out to Cape Le Grand National Park to check out some of the other beaches in this stunning part of the world.

First up was Hellfire Bay. This gorgeous stretch of sand ended up becoming our favourite beach of the trip as it had very few people on it, it was protected from the wind and the water was absolutely gorgeous. We both a a swim and sunbaked for a few hours here.

Hellfire Bay (4 of 6).jpg
Hellfire Bay

Next on our hit-list was Thistle Cove, which was just around the corner from Hellfire Bay. This beauty looked almost identical to the previous beach we swam at, so we didn’t bother swimming again here. The cool southerly winds had started to pick up as well, so the water was a lot less inviting. We decided it was time to head back to Esperance as there were still a couple of things we wanted to see there before the day was done.

Thistle Cove (1 of 1).jpg
Thistle Cove

Back in Esperance, we had some lunch and then decided to do the 38km Great Ocean Drive. This short drive took us past the beautiful Twilight Beach (located in town), up to Observatory Point, where we had amazing views over the south coast, and we also saw the Western Power wind farm.

Observatory Point (2 of 2)
Observatory Point

It was a grey and drizzly afternoon, so we headed back to our apartment and took it easy for the rest of the day on the couch watching some TV.


  • Distances Travelled:
    • 125km (Esperance >> Cape Le Grand >> Esperance)
    • 38km (Great Ocean Drive loop)

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