Day 2 ~ Kathmandu

Our second day in Nepal started with an amazing buffet breakfast at the Radisson – the food you could choose from included things like omelettes, breads, pastries, fruit, Asian foods, juices and tea/coffee. We stuffed our faces, including 2 donuts for breakfast dessert, and then raced back upstairs to get ready for our Kathmandu City Tour.

We were picked up at 9:00am by our tour guide, Birodh, and his driver. A nice Russian girl named Katie was also coming along for the ride with us today. There were multiple temples included in this tour, most of which were damaged or destroyed by the 2015 earthquake. This was pretty much the story for the remainder of the day – we saw a lot of rubble where beautiful landmarks once stood, but because of the extensive damage that had occurred, it was a long and rather boring day staring at piles of rocks. We were terrible students and didn’t take a lot in. It was, however, still good to see what daily life was like in Kathmandu.

1 - Kathmandu (2 of 15).jpg
City sights around Kathmandu
1 - Kathmandu (13 of 15).jpg
Plenty of monkey business going on in the streets of Kathmandu
1 - Kathmandu (3 of 4).jpg
A fairly impressive stupa on our Kathmandu city tour

Late in the day, we were taken to the site of an open air cremation. Fortunately there was only one dead body there that was covered, with only her feet in the water at the time. This was a totally different experience to what we are used to back in Australia.

1 - Kathmandu (14 of 15).jpg
Winding up a long day of  playing tourist in Kathmandu

Our guide briefed us a lot on our upcoming trek, which was great, and we were eventually taken back to Chaatra’s office to meet Ram, our guide for the trek. After our introductions, we frantically rushed around Thamel to get last minute items for the trek. 

Today was actually the Nepalese New Years Eve, but it’s safe to say that we weren’t staying up late to celebrate with the locals! We went back to the Radisson for some room service pizza and to pack our bags. Tour companies say you are limited to 15kg of luggage on the trek, but both of our packs were well over the 20kg mark! As you will read later, this wasn’t a big issue.


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