Day 4 ~ Namche Bazaar

After an early night last night we were both awake at 5:30am for our big day ahead. The sun hadn’t risen yet and it was still very cold outside. We packed our bags, had our first Diamox tablet (to help with altitude sickness), ate a warm breakfast and then set out on today’s adventure.

Way to Namche.jpg
A river crossing and small village on the way up to Namche Bazaar

The first part of our day was relatively easy, although by lunch time (3 hours in), we were definitely ready for a rest. The sun was shining and it was lovely and warm yet again. Once you stop moving and you’re in the shade, it can become a little chilly, but again, nothing to complain about.

We knew roughly what was coming at us after lunch, however that did not even almost make it easier! By the 5th hour of our day, we had reached the big suspension bridge we had heard so much about – the gateway to the stairs! Once you cross over the super-high suspension bridge, be prepared to trek straight up for a solid 2 hour slog. You do however, get to see Everest for the very first time on this part of the trek.

3 - Namche (1 of 6).jpg
The highest of the suspension bridges that you will come across – you use the top one!

It was a slow and tough hike up the hill and stairs, which took us almost 2 hours – with unexpected (freezing) rain. By this stage, our legs and backs were sore, and we were absolutely exhausted! Tim was the one really suffering – he had a killer headache and was so exhausted that he needed to rest more and more frequently. He would literally walk a few steps, rest against a tree, walk a few steps, rest against a tree, and so on. It was worrying at the time but he seemed to find new life when Ram pointed out our hotel in Namche Bazaar.

Our accommodation was again better than we expected, with our room having a queen and single bed, an ensuite with a hot shower, and the most stunning views out of our bedroom window! Teone managed to see her first snowflake ever that afternoon, as small flurries of snow passed through ever-so briefly.

3 - Namche (2 of 6).jpg
The afternoon view out of our bedroom window

The common area was nice and warm and supplied such tasty food – which we overloaded on! There were a lot of European travellers in the common room who were disgustingly sick – they must have all been coming back down the mountain and had rotten coughs and colds. They would openly sneeze, snort and cough everywhere, which made sitting in the closed off room quite unbearable at times. We kept our distance the best we could to avoid catching whatever diseases they had. Good manners and cleanliness are 2 things that are lacking up the mountain.

At dinner time, we taught Ram how to play Uno (and he seemed to love it). Tim was so tired after feeling the effects of a climb in altitude, so we called it an early night and decided to see how our Diamox sleep would go. We’d heard rumours that Diamox makes you have pretty wild dreams at night, but we found this to be a load of crap.

  • Trekking Time: 7 Hours
  • Teahouse: The Nest Restaurant & Hotel
  • Altitude: Namche Bazaar – 3440m

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