Day 5 ~ Namche Bazaar (Acclimatisation Day)

Today, we had a scheduled “Rest Day” to help with our acclimatisation, which turned out not to be such a relaxing day off. We started nice and early when Tim realised the sun was hitting the mountains outside, so he threw on his boots and literally climbed out the bedroom window to get some photos. The early morning light made the huge peaks surrounding us glow a beautiful golden orange. It was a truly wonderful sight that you have to be there to see.

3 - Namche (4 of 23).jpg
Morning sun hitting the mountains outside our hotel

From there, we figured we were up, so we may as well go to the common area to wait for Ram and breakfast. It was 6:00am at this stage and it turned out to be a bit of a longer wait than anticipated. We were again surrounded by diseased trekkers, and we were worried they’d pass their illness on to us. It was extremely frustrating watching them spread their germs all around the room. After brekky we quickly escaped the disease-infested folk and got ready for today’s walk. It was a cold morning, but a stunning sunny day outside. It quickly warmed up once the sun came over the mountains.

Our “rest day” walk was not as easy as we hoped. We were puffed very early (before we had even left Namche) as there were so many steep stairs to climb just to get to the top of the village! The first stop on our walk was the Tenzing Norgay memorial statue, where we had our first views of Mount Everest (cloud had blocked our view the day before). From here we moved to a sherpa museum, which was a basic, but interesting museum.

3 - Namche (5 of 23).jpg

The next part of our walk was tiring, but in the end, it was definitely worth the effort to get there! We were taken to the Everest View Hotel, which had the most stunning views over some of the better-known mountains in the region – including Ama Dablam, Lhotse and Everest. We had a break here along with a hot chocolate, before heading back down the mountain.

3 - Namche (9 of 23).jpg
Views from the Everest View Hotel

We made ourselves a little friend for this hike too – a local mountain dog we named “Mingma,” which apparently is a good Nepalese name for a female dog. She was very loyal when she walked with us – she walked when we walked and stopped when we stopped.

3 - Namche (3 of 6).jpg
Trekking with our new little mate, Mingma

It was all downhill on the way back to our accommodation for a late lunch. The scenery from this part of the world was nothing short of spectacular. You have to stop every now and then and just take it all in – it is easy to forget to do when all you want to do is sleep! Ram must have been getting annoyed with the amount of photos we stopped to take on this walk.

3 - Namche (10 of 23).jpg
Beautiful views on our acclimatisation walk

3 - Namche (7 of 23).jpg
Namche Bazaar’s acclimatisation walk offers panoramic views everywhere you look
3 - Namche (5 of 6).jpg
Overlooking Namche Bazaar

After lunch we were free to do our own thing in Namche, so we looked at a few shops, and of course, hit up the bakery! Teone had the chocolate croissant and Tim had the chocolate mousse pastry. We also had some kind of spiced cookies and bought some little treats for Rodna and Ram.

3 - Namche (6 of 6).jpg
Chocolate-filled croissant – for a bit of extra energy!
3 - Namche (16 of 23).jpg
Shopping in Namche Bazaar
3 - Namche (21 of 23).jpg
Prayer wheels are found the whole way along the EBC track

The rest of the evening we spent resting as Tim had started to get a cold, which was not ideal so early on in the trek. His oxygen levels were significantly lower than Teone’s as well, so we had to keep an eye on those.

  • Trekking Time: 5 Hours
  • Teahouse: The Nest Restaurant & Hotel
  • Altitude: Namche Bazaar – 3440m / Everest View Hotel – 3880m
  • O2 Levels: Teone – 91 / Tim – 78

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