Day 8 ~ Dingboche (Sick Day)

We woke this morning to another beautiful, clear day. There was a small amount of snow still settled on the ground from the night before, but it soon melted away. The sun was again putting on a show for us as it bounced its golden light off a new set of mountain peaks just outside our bedroom window. We felt the higher we went, the more beautiful and dramatic this landscape became.

5 - Dingboche (5 of 15)
Morning views from our bedroom window in Dingboche

While Tim was feeling better this morning and was ready for his acclimatisation walk, Teone had hit a new low and couldn’t even get herself out of bed. The flu had hit her very hard and she was lacking any form of motivation. As we had factored in some “buffer time” to our trek, we decided that today was going to be the day we ‘chuck a sickie’ – or have a sick day and take it easy. Teone decided to stay in bed to try and get herself better.

Tim, however, ventured out with Ram and Rodna and did about two-thirds of the acclimatisation walk – getting to around 4800m! It was a nice walk where he could go slow and take plenty of photos of the surrounding mountains – the views were to die for! Standing right in front of him in all her glory was Ama Dablam – one of the most beautiful mountains in the world! Other mountains in the area included Island Peak – which is a good practice climb for those planning to go to Everest. Lhotse was another favourite mountain of ours, which towered over all surrounding peaks.

5 - Dingboche (1 of 9).jpg
Ama Dablam (6812m) towering over the village of Dingboche
5 - Dingboche (2 of 15).jpg
Imja Tse or ‘Island Peak’ (6189m)
5 - Dingboche (1 of 15).jpg
The incredible Lhotse face (8516m) – Everest hides just behind this peak

Along the way, Tim met a group of travellers who were attempting to summit Everest! It was really good talking to them to gain an insight as to how they were feeling before such an epic journey – and surprisingly, they were quite relaxed and very excited!

5 - Dingboche (3 of 9).jpg
Panoramic views on the Dingboche acclimatisation walk

When Tim got back to the teahouse, Teone got up and we both had lunch together. We then went for a walk around town and into the local pharmacy for some cold and flu tablets. The tablets we were given were full of pseudoephedrine, so we were hoping they’d give us the kick start we needed to get through each day.

5 - Dingboche (8 of 9).jpg
The sleepy little village of Dingboche – apparently these fields of dirt are potato farms

After the stroll around town, we headed back to bed for our usual afternoon nap! We were fast asleep when there was a knock on the door – it was Ram coming to tell us that it was snowing quite heavily outside! It was a beautiful sight, however it didn’t last long. After our nap, we went to the “dinning” room for hot honey, lemon, ginger tea by the fire and another delicious dinner. Despite having limited ingredients – food up the mountains are full of flavour and very tasty!

  • Trekking Time: 3 Hours for Tim / 0 Hours for Teone
  • Teahouse: Good Luck Hotel
  • Altitude: Dingboche – 4410m / Acclimatisation walk – 4800m

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