Day 9 ~ Dingboche (Acclimatisation Day)

Today, we both woke up determined to complete the acclimatisation walk we were meant to do the day before. The plan was to climb to an altitude of 5121m up to the top of Nangkartshang Peak – a mountain that sat right above Dingboche. It had a slight dusting of snow from the cold blast that we received the night before, so looked quite pretty as it glistened in the morning light.

We both felt pretty good while eating breakfast, but that good feeling quickly disappeared for Teone as soon as we started the ascent out of Dingboche. The first part of the climb was fairly steep and it really had her gasping for air, but she pushed through and made it to the first checkpoint. We had a good rest here as we took in the majestic views of the surrounding mountains. 

5 - Dingboche (4 of 9).jpg
A brief rest at one of the first checkpoints on our acclimatisation walk

Moving on, things definitely didn’t get easier. It was a steady and fairly steep incline all the way to the top. At so many stages, Teone didn’t think she would make it, but with some encouragement and a whole stack of determination, she soldiered on.

Even when we were just 20m from the peak, Teone wanted to call it quits. This was the mental game coming into play. Your body is telling you that you physically can’t go on, but you have to push through the pain and prove yourself wrong. Being the tough cookie that she is, she made one final push for the summit and made it to the top! We were all super proud of her for sticking it out – despite having 2 broken ribs and a nasty case of the flu.

At the summit, the views were absolutely stunning! Words simply cannot describe the beauty that had unfolded before our eyes. The winds were very strong and the wind-chill would have been well-below freezing, so it was quite uncomfortable sitting at the peak! As much as we wanted to go back to our warm beds, we tried our best to savour this pretty special moment and take in the beautiful landscape around us.

5 - Dingboche (5 of 9).jpg
Freezing our tits off at the summit of Nangkartshang Peak (5121m)

After about 20 minutes at the top, we decided we should descend so that we could thaw back out. It was a steep descent, but so much easier than going up! The further we went down the mountain, the warmer it became and the more we found it easier to catch our breath. The winds also subsided as we got away from the exposed summit.

5 - Dingboche (6 of 9).jpg
The steep descent back to Dingboche

We were both extremely happy to see the Good Luck Hotel  when we arrived back in Dingboche. We struggled through a late lunch and then went to our room to rest. When we woke up, we looked at our itinerary again, and decided that the Cho La Pass and Gokyo Ri were not possible for us given our flu and weakness, so we played with the itinerary and went downstairs to talk to Ram – who was great about it. We decided that we would keep pushing through to Everest Base Camp and just take our time heading back home.

  • Trekking Time: 5.5 Hours
  • Teahouse: Good Luck Hotel
  • Altitude: Dingboche – 4410m / Nangkartshang Peak – 5121m

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