Day 10 ~ Lobuche

We decided to leave a little earlier than usual this morning so we could maximise the time spent in the sun and get to our next teahouse in Lobuche before the cold clouds rolled in during the afternoon. 

We left at 8:00am with a nice little hill to get us started, but once we were over that it was about an hour and a half of flat ground – making this one of our favourite walks so far on the trip! The scenery this morning was nothing short of spectacular, and as we were both feeling a little better, we could actually take the time to appreciate what surrounded us.

5 - Dingboche (6 of 15).jpg
The early stages of the walk from Dingboche to Lobuche
5 - Dingboche (8 of 15).jpg
Prime real estate overlooking Ama Dablam
5 - Dingboche (10 of 15).jpg
Teone looking a lot happier today with the flat ground

We arrived at our first rest stop in Thukla at about 10:00am, where we were told to order lunch. We weren’t overly hungry as we’d just had breakfast, so we just got a sandwich to share. People say that the higher you go, the more you will lose your appetite – but we never found this to be the case. We still ate every meal of the day – probably because they were full of carbs and ever so tasty!

5 - Dingboche (11 of 15).jpg
Beautiful views from Thukla (4620m)

After ‘lunch’ we had a steady incline up a hill of about an hour, which got us to the pass where we came across the Everest Cemetery. This was a memorial site for those who had lost their lives on Everest. The site offered incredible views back down the valley to where we came from. If I were to be buried somewhere, this cemetery would certainly rank highly on my list!

5 - Dingboche (13 of 15).jpg
It took us an hour to get to the top of this hill after lunch
5 - Dingboche (9 of 9).jpg
Looking from the cemetery back down the hill to Thukla – you can just spot it with the green roofs

As we continued on, there was yet another change in the landscape. The dirt track we were used to gave way for loose rocks and massive boulders. The ground was becoming a lot more baron the further we went up the mountain. While it slowed us down a little, it was still a relatively flat track. 

6 - Lobouche (1 of 1).jpg
The final stretch before reaching Lobuche (4940m)

One mountain that we passed after the cemetery was the Lobuche peak. We saw a group of climbers attempting to summit this mountain, at 6119m altitude – this was very cool to see! In tragic news though, Tim later read in a newspaper that 2 of the climbers that we saw at the top died later that day due to altitude sickness.

By early afternoon, Lobuche popped out in front of us and we pulled up stumps at a brand new teahouse. It was very nice inside with cosy beds and a modern common room. After a brief rest, Ram took us up a small hill near our accommodation to help with our acclimatisation – we had to stick to the general rule in the mountains of climb high, sleep low!

While we were on our afternoon stroll, it started to snow on us ever so lightly. We came down in case it got any heavier, had our baby wipe shower, then went to the dining room looking for warmth! For the first time on the trek, this teahouse was actually pumping some tunes. The Nepalese don’t seem to mind themselves some nigga beats!

  • Trekking Time: 6 Hours (including acclimatisation)
  • Teahouse: Oxygen Altitude Lodge & Home
  • Altitude: Lobuche – 4940m

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