Day 12 ~ Pheriche

We woke in time to meet Ram at 5:00am in the common room where we told him we just weren’t up to hiking to the top of Kala Patthar. It was extremely cold, dark and windy outside. While it would have been an awesome feat to accomplish, it would have been ridiculously tough going with our illness and injuries. Ram still wanted to head up the mountain, so he took Tim’s camera and set off for an early morning adventure by himself. We went back to rest until our 7:00am breakfast. Below you can see a few of the beautiful photos Ram took from Kala Patthar.

7 - Gorak Shep (10 of 26).jpg
Sunrise from Kala Patthar, overlooking Gorakshep and the Khumbu Valley
7 - Gorak Shep (12 of 26).jpg
Sunrise Everest views from Kala Patthar
7 - Gorak Shep (13 of 26).jpg
The locals getting some morning sun at the top of the mountain

After brekky we had to wait for Ram to come down from Kala Patthar, and when he did he still had to have breakfast himself, so it was a late start to today’s walk. The first half of the day was beautiful, with a nice walk back down to Lobuche for lunch.

7 - Gorak Shep (23 of 26).jpg
Baron terrain as we head back down the mountain. Pumori (7161m) stands tall in the background
7 - Gorak Shep (24 of 26).jpg
There are plenty of Yak trains high up the mountain

After lunch, the clouds rolled in fast, along with the winds and hail/snow. Little did we know, Pheriche was one of the windiest places in the mountains, and it wasn’t long before we were being battered by icy cold, gale force winds. Even though it was all downhill, the afternoon walk certainly wasn’t easy with the weather conditions. The weight being put on Tim’s knee was also causing him to slightly limp down hills. The trekking poles did come in handy though, to absorb some of the pressure.

As reached the farms on the outskirts of Pheriche, we came across some cute baby yaks that were running around chasing each other. These little fellas, combined with such beautiful scenery, did lift our spirits and kept us going all the way into town.

When we finally reached our destination for the night, the first teahouse Ram took us to was fully-booked out! So we had to continue to the end of town to another teahouse, which friends of Ram’s owned. It was very basic and not as nice as others, but we were the only guests and it was quite nice spending time with their family. Surprisingly, this was the first accommodation that had squat toilets. Thankfully they were clean and nobody else was using them besides us.

8 - Periche (1 of 12).jpg
Sunset views of Ama Dablam, from the small village of Pheriche

The wife/mother made us popcorn for afternoon tea and their 2 year old daughter danced by the fire for us all night, which was super cute! We played some cards with Ram and Rodna before heading to our room for some sleep.

8 - Periche (2 of 12).jpg
The little legend who danced the night away in our teahouse
  • Trekking Time: 6 Hours
  • Teahouse: Khumbu Lodge and Restaurant
  • Altitude: Periche – 4371m

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