Day 15 ~ Phakding

Today’s itinerary started with us walking back down the horrid hill that almost killed Tim on the way up the mountain. It was a much more pleasant experience this time around. We even got one last glimpse of Everest on this leg of the trip – a bit of a sad moment knowing that we may never get to see this mountain in real-life again.

Last View.jpg
The first and last view you will get of Mount Everest

After crossing the mega-high suspension bridge, it was a delightful walk all the way back to Phakding in the beautiful sun. Once we dropped our gear at our teahouse and had some lunch, we walked into town to find a bar. We felt that we’d earned ourselves a beer!

We crossed paths with Rodna in town and asked him where we could play some pool and have a drink. He took us up to a little bar that was playing all sorts of sports shows on TV and had awesome music pumping! We hung around here for hours playing pool with Rodna, one of Rodna’s friends and Ram. It was a fantastic afternoon just chilling with the boys.

2 - Phakding (1 of 3)-2.jpg
Teone having an afternoon sesh with the lads
2 - Phakding (2 of 3)-2.jpg
Some intense games of pool taking place – all of us were useless

That night after dinner, Ram went into the kitchen and made a delicious dessert out of apples. I’m not sure what it was, but not only can the guy climb mountains, but he can also cook extremely well!

  • Trekking Time: 4 Hours
  • Teahouse: Snowland Hotel & Lodge
  • Altitude: Phakding – 2610m



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