Day 16 ~ Lukla

Today marked our final day of trekking – woohoo! While it was a small climb in altitude, the walk from Phakding to Lukla wasn’t a tough one. We arrived into Lukla just before lunch. On the way to our teahouse, we spoke to a few people who were just starting their trek and wished them all the best.

After lunch, we walked over to the airport for a look around. It was pretty quiet as the flights had ceased for the day, so we went to the Everest Coffee Cafe for some cake and hot chocolate – which were delicious!

1 - Lukla (2 of 4).jpg
Delicious baked treats

On the way out of the cafe, we noticed a Scottish Bar downstairs, so we popped in for a quick beer and a few games of pool to pass the time. Someone had turned the air-conditioning right down to its coldest setting and it was almost unbearable to stay in the room for too long, so we left after our drink and headed back to the main drag to thaw out.

1 - Lukla (3 of 4).jpg
Playing some pool in the Scottish Pub

Not much else was on the cards for the rest of the day. That night, we had a farewell dinner with Rodna and Ram. We played the guitar for a while and even tried to teach Rodna a few chords. He had no idea though. One of the locals that ran the teahouse came over and played us a few tunes – he was amazing!

1 - Lukla (4 of 4).jpg
Trying to teach Rodna how to play the guitar

From there, it was bed time. We went down to our very large room and had a nice sleep.

  • Trekking Time: 3 Hours
  • Teahouse: Khumbu Lodge and Restaurant
  • Altitude: Lukla – 2860m

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