Everest Base Camp Trek

Many people called us crazy – going on a trek to Everest Base Camp just 1 year on after the devastating 2015 earthquake that rocked Nepal. We had been dreaming about doing this trip for many years and we thought that if we didn’t do it now while our bodies were still young, we’d never do it at all.

After months and months of research, we booked a private trek through Nepal Eco Adventure. We spoke with a lot of companies before booking, but we found Nepal Eco Adventure to speak excellent English, very helpful and quick to respond to any queries we had. They were willing to accommodate our personal requests and provided useful advice whilst preparing for the big trip. We also chose a private trek over a group tour so that we could go at our own pace – a move that proved a wise one later in the trek.

In this blog series, we’ll tell you all about the training we did, the gear we packed and give you an insight as to what it was like on the trail to Everest Base Camp each day. We knew this trek was going to be a massive physical challenge, but the thing we did not realise was just how much of a mental challenge it was going to be as well.

The map below shows you where we stayed each night on our journey from Lukla up to Everest Base Camp:

Below is the video we made of our trek:


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  1. i love this blog. you are so honest and your sense of humour is so funny. I need to read more on your EBC trek. Interested to see your packing list to see if i have missed anything. Well done guys. i love love love it.

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  2. We went with this company in 2015 and on our last day when the rest of our group had left early that morning, my husband and I decided to visit Durbar Square however on our way back to the hotel we were caught in the earthquake. Chhatra, from Eco adventures came to our hotel to ensure our safety and made sure he kept us informed about our flight the next day. I celebrated my 64th birthday while on my way to base camp and couldn’t have spent it with a better group of people and it proves that as long as you believe in yourself and have people like Chhatra and his guides and staff to look after you, then anything is possible.

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    1. Hi Brenda, that’s an amazing story! It must have been terrifying being over there during the Earthquake. A year on, there was a lot of work that still needed to be done. Our guide, Ram, was telling us that the government was not doing all that it could to help and was actually holding money back from those who needed it to rebuild. Certainly interesting times. Hopefully another year on and things are looking up for the Nepalese.


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